Shocktoberfest 2017! Day Seven: Demon

Demon (2015)

Written by Pawel Maslona & Marcin Wrona / Directed by Marcin Wrona

Pictured Above: Not the Demon.

Pictured Above: Not the Demon.

Arthouse horror and mainstream horror more often than not tend to butt heads, but Marcin Wrona's intense polish supernatural thriller does a masterful job of walking the line between the two worlds.  Stylistically, the film is akin to Robert Egger's The Witch, except narratively it's a tad bit formulaic in its approach to a big wedding gone wrong and the hosts' desperate attempts to keep a possibly possessed groom away from the happy partygoers, blissfully chugging down vodka like it's water at the reception.  There's a slight bit of pitch black humor thrown in for good measure as well.  The landscapes and geography of the film are as important to the story as the human characters, the foggy, silent hills of Poland creating a dense, humid atmosphere.  Never a dull moment to be seen, this is one of those movies that makes you gawk at the fact that more people haven't seen it.

Five & A Half out of Five Buried Family Secrets