Shocktoberfest 2017! Day Twelve: XX

XX (2017)

Written and Directed by Roxanne Benjamin, Karyn Kusama, Annie Clark, & Jovanka Vuckovic

Just dropping in! (I'm so sorry)

Just dropping in! (I'm so sorry)

Although XX has less of a narrative thread tying together its variety of spooky shorts, it feels much more cohesive than Southbound did.  The only connecting thread between the films other than a beautiful interstitial animated sequence between them is that each film was written and directed by women, hence the title.  As is the struggle with many anthologies, the shorts are so widely different, that some land better than others.  Each short in XX works for what it is though and each one has a great quality to enjoy.  Vuckovic's The Box, a short based on a piece by Jack Ketchum is a bit of existential parental dread.  Annie Clark's is easily the best, not particularly scary, but a wonderfully fun piece of macabre black humor.  Roxanne Benjamin's is a gory monster creature feature.  Karyn Kusama's is the second best with a surreal piece of dark, satirical fantasy.  Each short has a strong sense of style and their uses of sound in particular are very strong.  In the end, the worst thing I can say about each of these shorts was that I was sad when they were over.  I could have watched a feature version of each film without a doubt.

Three and a half out of Five Wandering Animated Doll Houses