Shocktoberfest 2017! Day Ten: Southbound

Southbound (2015)

Written and Directed by Roxanne Benjamin, David Bruckner, Patrick Horvath, & Radio Silence

This hitchhiker looks safe to pick up...

This hitchhiker looks safe to pick up...

Anthology films are inherently tricky.  There are some great examples of them, but man are they ever hard to pin down.  The problem lies in the fact that there’s never a guarantee that every short included in an anthology will be worth your time as a viewer so the final product is typically a mixed bag of quality.  Southbound does its best to fix this problem by having the stories loosely tie into each other, which helps out some, but the problem is that the narrative thread is loose and feels only half-baked, resulting in a film that is even more uneven than most anthology films tend to be.  The two best shorts are sandwiched into the middle of the film, which certainly doesn’t help the attention span of the audience.

One and a Half out of Five Weird Lovecraftian Tentacle Skeleton Things